@realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump President Trump - I am a true blue Republican (and I am a fan) and for the first time in my life I am mad enough at the Republican Party to tweet. You need to hear the truth from a real lender. @senator ben sasse is 10000% wrong.I need an interview

@maddow @FoxNews @IngrahamAngle i am a lender and a republican. I have read the requirements for the SBA loan program and because I am a lender I know the real truth about this new “assistance”. It is a joke. I wonder which of you will call me to find out the truth.

@SenTedCruz @SenatorDurbin from a true blue republican, the republican senators cannot add. Call me, i will tell you the flaws in your arguments. I am ashamed of my party. The 7a SBA loan is based on credit, cash flow, and collateral. Yes the SBA wants to lien our assets!!!

Republican Senators you are so wrong!!! I am a true blue Republican but you guys CANNOT add. Evidently you have not read the SBA loan requirements either. I am a lender, call me and I will tell you why the SBA loan program will NOT help Americans. @SenTedCruz @SenatorDurbin