About Capella Commercial Mortgage

Corinne Cordon CEO and Chairwoman of Capella Commercial Mortgage

Corinne Cordon has been originating commercial loans since 1996, and now she is CEO and Chairwoman of Capella Commercial Mortgage, a private money lending company.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree from UNLV in Business Administration and has extensive experience in computer programming, systems analysis and financial analysis. Her high level of tech expertise has one goal – to close MORE deals, in LESS time, than any of her competitors. Matthew’s ability to pull the team together, analyze the property, and follow through on the details gives them the edge to exceed all expectations. If they say “yes”, then consider the deal to be funded. If you haven’t told them the entire story about yourself and your property, you’d better tell them now so they can deal with it.

Corinne is an avid ballroom dancer and has competed in International Standard and Latin. She has lived in Las Vegas since June of 1980. She can be reached on her cell phone at (702) 271-9185 for any good deal.


Matthew Dale - the President and Broker of Capella Commercial Mortgage

Matthew Dale is the President and Broker of Capella Commercial Mortgage, and together they close deals that most lenders think are impossible to close. With their team of attorneys, they work around the clock in shifts, pulling off the impossible. Their partners in escrow, title, real estate, insurance, appraisal, and finance don’t get the job if they aren’t willing to put in the time to close your deal on time. Together, they have saved apartment buildings, warehouses, land development deals, and distressed asset purchases from falling apart at the last minute.

Matthew is a very good drift/sports car racer, as well as an enthusiastic golfer, and he loves to travel to foreign places. Matthew has lived in Las Vegas since 1993 and can be reached on his cell phone at (702) 521-0321 for any good deal.

If you want to know more about our team or you need more information about a commercial mortgage you can contact us and we will assist you to give you all the details.

Lending in Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming, Commercial loans in 35 states

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