We have closed $16M in 7 days - $13.5M first with a $2.5M equity piece.
IF your deal is a good one, and no one has the guts to close it on time, call us

What Our Clients Say

Above and Beyond,
( Cy and J )

If you guys can pull this off, you will be my hero and I will tell everyone about you. (We closed his $3.7M deal in 36 hours against huge odds).

Thank you.
( Dr. E)

Corinne – I just want to say thank you! You are amazing. Your honesty, integrity, and worth ethic are incredible.



Corinne has in depth knowledge of her areas of expertise and she protects the interests of investors, clients and associates and employees.

Corinne is the type you seldom meet.
( Philip A Moskal Broker / Owner )

My overall opinion of Corinne Cordon based on personal and business experience is that she is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, kind, an excellent employer, highly professional, non-confrontational, moral and In general a very good person. She is the type of person that you seldom meet.

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“Acquisition & Development” or “Horizontal Improvement” Commercial Loans

Construction Loans

An overview of the types and the process of these commercial loans

Equity Pieces

Diversify: Minimize Risk & Optimize Return on Both Sides of the Fence

Short Pays

“Stuff happens.”


Can’t we all just get along?

Overnight Fundings

Faster than Domino’s or Fed Ex

Loans We’ve Closed Lately

Investment in Las Vegas

Many lenders – residential and commercial – still think of Las Vegas as the bottom of the barrel. Citing lack of industry diversification, real estate values that dropped 300% during the Great Crash, lack of qualified employees, and an overall generally negative...

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Capella Mortgage – Lending in Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming, United States of America

Meet Our Staff

Corinne Cordon
CEO of Capella Mortgage

She started Capella Commercial Mortgage in February 2002, but she has been originating loans since 1996. She was mentored by another long-time private money lender, who has since passed away.

Matthew Dale
Broker and Co-owner

He has been involved in the mortgage industry and Capella Mortgage since he was 16 years old, with one brief stint at Ride Now Motorsports for three months. He underwrites all hard money loans.